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My Man Shaun T

In between challenge groups I’ve been doing Shaun week. Today was ripsanity, a greuling 45 minutes of weights and torture. I loved it. I feel great after. I do realize that I’m super used to my 30 minutes of working out and definitely prefer that. But Shaun T said something during our workout today that I really needed to hear.

“If you feel good on the inside, the outside will follow”

I really needed to hear this. It reminded me that even though the number on the scale isn’t moving as fast as I want it to, I’m feeling amazing. I know I’m stronger, I’m happier and more confident. I might not look like I’ve changed much on the outside, yet, but that’s coming. I need to focus on how I feel on the inside.

So thank you Shaun T. Not just for the killer workout, but for reminding me to focus on what matters.


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Dangit Summer

Summer is tough. The loss of my normal schedule makes sticking to a meal plan hard if not impossible. It’s one of the only times that I get to see most of my friends and many of my extended family. As much as I love everyone, the easiest and often the most chosen option is to go out to eat. Which is great…. no one has to cook or clean up, everyone can have whatever they want, and good times are had by all… except my waist line.

Normally, I gain a few pounds over the summer. Normally, I eat like crap, drink a bunch and don’t workout to offset any of it.

This year? This year I haven’t gained. I haven’t really lost- only 3 lbs- but I haven’t gained! I have been more mindful of what I’m eating, choosing water over alcohol (usually), and am working out daily. I haven’t missed a workout in over a month! I feel great. I’ve lost a few inches, but mainly my feelings have improved. I have more strength, more energy, and more happiness when I’m working out. It’s a win-win.

The one thing I really need to do is get my nutrition under control. July was an insane month- Brother and Uncle came to visit, quick trip to visit family in VA, and lots of time at the pool/with family. It’s been wonderful, but it’s been tough to stick to a plan.

August is going to be insane too (seriously, we created a family calendar for me, my sister and my mom and the entire month is grayed out.) Between birthdays, more visits and an irregular schedule, I’m not super hopeful for being able to get my nutrition under control. But I do have confidence that I will be able to make better choices and say “no” when it comes to things like alcohol (minus my date night for hubby’s birthday.).

And even if this month doesn’t work out, I know that come September and back to my “normal” schedule, I can totally do it. I CAN get up at 4:45 to work out every day (ugh), and I CAN make better choices. so I will.