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I do NOT sell beachbody products. I also do not use Shakeology or any of the other supplements that are sold by beachbody. That said, I received a copy of the 21 day fix from a friend and wanted to provide my own review of it. I know there’s tons out there, but having done two Whole 30s, I am constantly comparing what I’m eating and doing on the 21 day fix to my experiences with the whole 30.

Since I’ve started my weight loss journey, I fairly easily lost about 15 pounds but then have been stuck at a little plateau. I joined a gym nearby, but it still wasn’t doing much. Through my two Whole 30s, I lost some weight and was feeling great about myself but had a hard time entirely cutting out things like alcohol and dairy. Not because I couldn’t- I did for 30 days on two different occasions- but because I LIKE those things. If I want to order pizza with my husband on a weeknight instead of cooking, then I want to be able to enjoy myself not eat a salad and watch hubby go to town.


So when I got the 21 day fix and looked in to that program, I thought it would be much more sustainable. The eating plan that goes along with the program is a calorie deficit, but they encourage 6 meals a day. The amount of food that I got to have was way more than I was used to on the Whole 30, and I was able to have my favorites like some crumbled cheese on my salad or dressing or a tiny bit of sugar here and there. I don’t eat a lot of these things as I’m staying on the calorie deficit, but the fact that I can have some at all is huge to me. More often than not, I choose not to, but it’s being able to have that choice that matters to me.

I’ve had some freaking awesome meals. Cooking with Whole 30 helped really prepare me for this. Again, it’s all about meal prep. I’m the kind of person that can happily eat the same thing daily for breakfast and lunch, and the same thing for dinner a couple times a week, but it has to be something that I like. For the three weeks, I would have a breakfast protein shake (not Shakeology – I don’t find that sustainable. I use the Garden of Life Raw protein powder with a cup(ish) of fruit and a splash of almond milk, the rest water), lunch would be a giant salad with grilled chicken and dinner would depend on what I was feeling for the week and what was on sale.

I would have two snacks a day, making my total meals 5… but I was never hungry! It was great. My mid morning snack would be a serving of fruit and then in the afternoon I’d have some celery sticks, a plain greek yogurt with a spoon of almond butter stirred in. I would look forward to this every day. Seriously, so good.

Overall, I found that I was not hungry until it was time to eat again. The food was delicious and there was so much of it! I actually had trouble eating it all. I frequently would have leftover orange or yellow containers. I highly recommend this diet for a calorie deficit without calorie counting.


The workouts that go along with the 21 day fix are pretty intense. They’re fast paced, half hour a day workouts that leave you sweaty and feeling like you just got a great workout in. The moves are basic but definitely effective. Autumn is energetic and motivating.

Each day you do a different workout, but the cycle repeats each week. The yoga was my least favorite day of the week. There was a lot of downward dog and upward dog, not very much else. I found that each week I was getting in better shape and quickly needed heavier weights. I rushed out to buy 8lb weights and use them for a lot of the workouts. I treat it kind of like a drop set, where I start out heavy and go light if I have to. I find this has been working out, and I’ve gotten much stronger.

Another thing to note, I love these workouts so much that I can convince myself to get out of bed at 4:45 AM to workout before work. I don’t dread it. Aside from the initial “Omg it’s early, I love my bed”, I don’t fight getting up and genuinely enjoy my mornings. I have a rice cake before my workouts (otherwise I get light headed) and then my shake immediately after.


In the first 21 days, I lost 9 pounds and 9 inches. I’m so glad I measured, because those inches are so totally visible. I’m tighter all over, my clothes are fitting better, and I FEEL better. I’ve been eating so healthily and am truly happy with everything. I have continued with the workouts and eating plan past the 21 days and have lost about 5 more pounds and more inches, although I haven’t measured again yet. I got a copy of the 21 day fix extreme and am going to start that soon. i had to get resistance bands for this, which I had to get since I’d never used before, but I’m looking forward to those workouts and keeping with the eating plan.

Overall, I found that the 21 day fix is sustainable for me. I can’t afford the Shakeology, and I’m not a huge fan of artificial sugar which I’m pretty sure is in there. The protein powder that I use is sufficient and way more cost friendly. The workouts are effective and leave me feeling great at the end of them. I’m looking forward to the future results!!!


As a side note, my hubby has been eating healthier by proxy and has lost like 10 pounds. He’s such a turd, I’m working my butt off to drop a few pounds and he has a couple salads a week and loses all of it. His pants that I just bought him are about to fall of. MEN!!!


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I'm a 29 year old teacher who loves to cook. Well, really I love to eat and with that comes the cooking. I also enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with my awesome animals, even more awesome husband, and most awesome daughter. :)

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