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How did this happen?!

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Have you ever looked at something and asked yourself “how did this happen?!” This was my exact thought about a year ago, when my scale read at nearly 200 pounds. How did this happen?

I made excuses. I have hashimoto’s, and have always had to work hard at staying in shape…. in high school I was borderline anorexic. When I got to college and my stress levels skyrocketed, I turned to food and alcohol to cope. Years passed, and I hadn’t retaken control of my health and fitness. Sure, I’d go through phases but they’d flicker and go out like a match. I was more active in college, riding horses regularly and took a workout class…. then finals would come and it’d all go to hell.

So that’s how I found myself standing in the bathroom on a scale, wanting desperately to not believe the number showing. 196?! Wtf! Maybe my scale has dyslexia and it’s really 169? I looked at recent pictures and realized that it wasn’t a lie… I was obese.


Me the night I got engaged. Ugh!

At this point in my life, I was a full time graduate student, full time teacher (teaching a new course so killing myself making everything) and planning a wedding. To say that I didn’t have time to think about losing weight is an understatement. I tried… I did a whole 30 and really liked it. But didn’t find it sustainable, financially or realistically. I LIKE all those foods I couldn’t have. Isn’t there an option that let’s me enjoy life but still lose weight?

Fast forward to now. A year after this realization. Two whole 30s done. 1 round of 21 day fix done. Healthier, more active, more than 20 pounds lighter.


Gala with my husband

I’m still a long way from my goal. But my bmi no longer considers me obese. I’m happier. I’m definitely healthier. And I know that I can do this. No more looking at my scale or in the mirror and saying “what the hell!?” I got this.



Author: heriwen

I'm a 29 year old teacher who loves to cook. Well, really I love to eat and with that comes the cooking. I also enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with my awesome animals, even more awesome husband, and most awesome daughter. :)

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