Thoughts of a 20-something

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I’ll admit it…

It’s true. I’ve got some form of OCD. I can’t function without a plan, and work best when things are laid out and organized. I’ve found that most math teachers are like that. Is it just me?

And the inherent lack of organization that goes with start of school literally hurts. I want to get my stuff together and be all ready for day one! ahhhhhh.


To help me prepare, I’m trying to decide what format I want to use for my online aspect of my flipped classroom. I’ve used Edmodo, and am not the biggest fan of it (I find it disorganized, go figure) but it’s a good free option. I really like blackboard, which makes me think to use coursesites…. I’m also toying with the idea of a wordpress or google sites option. Any suggestions?


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School is coming- let’s start planning!!


Today I went to Target and started looking around for goodies. I found my favorite pens – for cheap! Thanks back to school sales!- a couple of binders and binder dividers. I’m started to put together my resources binder (where I keep all materials and especially worksheets that we do throughout the year) and my planner (which will have important information and planning sheets). This is really starting to get me excited about everything. I can’t wait to find out what my schedule will be like so I can finish making my binder and start putting together some resources and things for the first day of school. I used the following cover sheets for my binders:

I think they’re classy and clean looking and I was able to put my name on them- awesome! So very excited!!

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Switching Gears–

Well after my Whole 30, this kind of fell off. But, that’s okay. Life got busy – between teaching classes that I never had taught before, as well as graduate school and then summer school… my eating has not been the best. I plan on trying to get back on a paleoish track. That said, I haven’t really put on any weight (a couple pounds but not bad considering my habits and tendency to put on weight quickly). So, here’s to getting back to my healthy!

As for the switching gears, this will turn into a teaching blog as well. I have accepted a full time, Algebra 1 teaching job for the coming school year! Yay! I’m super excited for this, and plan on doing a blended classroom. COMMON CORE HERE i come!!!