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Day 31!!! Stats and reflections

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It’s done! I’m so overjoyed and proud of myself that I finished the past 30 days. I had some rough spots, some times when I definitely considered going to a fast food joint or something and just wrecking it all but I’m sooo glad that I didn’t. I measured myself this morning. Here’s my findings:

I lost:

15.8 pounds
2″ in bust,
2″ in waist
1″ in hips/butt.

my heartburn and indigestion

I gained:

better sleeping habits
more energy
better mood overall

I feel amazing. I feel like dancing on the rooftop and screaming “HAHA SO THERE I DID IT” at my mom (who, upon hearing that I would be doing this, scoffed and said “good luck”). I feel like running a marathon (or just a 5k let’s be real) and jumping for joy.

I know that my taste buds have changed. I mean, I had a cheese stick this morning (literally one of the only things I craved) and thought it tasted gross. Which is somewhat depressing, but will only serve to keep me healthier. I’ll be putting some cheese on some eggs later on, and having some in a salad this evening when I go to dinner at my sister’s. I’m excited to see the effect that dairy has on me.

I plan on following a paleo or 80/20 whole 30 lifestyle. Like I said in my last post, this weekend will be part of that 20% cheating. but I am thrilled with the results I’ve seen and how I feel and don’t want to ruin that. I never want to see those numbers on the scale again, and I’m ready to be the best me I can be.


Author: heriwen

I'm a 29 year old teacher who loves to cook. Well, really I love to eat and with that comes the cooking. I also enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with my awesome animals, even more awesome husband, and most awesome daughter. :)

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