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Day 31!!! Stats and reflections

It’s done! I’m so overjoyed and proud of myself that I finished the past 30 days. I had some rough spots, some times when I definitely considered going to a fast food joint or something and just wrecking it all but I’m sooo glad that I didn’t. I measured myself this morning. Here’s my findings:

I lost:

15.8 pounds
2″ in bust,
2″ in waist
1″ in hips/butt.

my heartburn and indigestion

I gained:

better sleeping habits
more energy
better mood overall

I feel amazing. I feel like dancing on the rooftop and screaming “HAHA SO THERE I DID IT” at my mom (who, upon hearing that I would be doing this, scoffed and said “good luck”). I feel like running a marathon (or just a 5k let’s be real) and jumping for joy.

I know that my taste buds have changed. I mean, I had a cheese stick this morning (literally one of the only things I craved) and thought it tasted gross. Which is somewhat depressing, but will only serve to keep me healthier. I’ll be putting some cheese on some eggs later on, and having some in a salad this evening when I go to dinner at my sister’s. I’m excited to see the effect that dairy has on me.

I plan on following a paleo or 80/20 whole 30 lifestyle. Like I said in my last post, this weekend will be part of that 20% cheating. but I am thrilled with the results I’ve seen and how I feel and don’t want to ruin that. I never want to see those numbers on the scale again, and I’m ready to be the best me I can be.


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Day 30!!!

So life took over and I was unable to truly document the past week and a half or so.. BUT TODAY IS DAY 30! yay! I can’t tell you all how proud of myself I am, but this sums it up:

this is pretty much how I feel.

I’m incredibly looking forward to waking up tomorrow, weighing myself, and having a cheese stick. In that order, and yes, a cheese stick. colby cheese to be exact. (Clearly, I’m starting my reintroduction with dairy) I will also be having some cheesy eggy omelet for breakfast/lunch. oh yes. oh yum. I don’t know what I’m doing for supper, as I’m going to my sister but I know it won’t be super heavy or unhealthy (I have, through my journey, inspired my sister to eat healthier as well. she has mostly cut out added sugar, dairy and other not good things.) My plan is to reintroduce some stuff, but ultimately stick with the paleo/whole 30 lifestyle, probably 80/20. I want to be able to enjoy myself, but I know that this lifestyle is the best for me at this point in time.

This weekend, though, is a whole nother story. My birthday is Friday (I’ll be working, and introducing some pasta at this point), but Saturday I am taking my fiance to a brewery, and then Sunday I will be going out to one of my favorite places for supper. So I’m not going to hold back (at least not too much – I usually get the loaded mac and cheese and I’ll probably change this to something a litttle better for me haha). But on Monday, it’s back to paleo and healthy. I will definitely update tomorrow with my losses (weight and measurements)


also, my kitty is sick. vet appointment tomorrow, and I’m worried he has developed diabetes. (He’s drinking a little more but not pooing or eating much) and with my phobia of needles, that would honestly be one of the worst things. I just hope my little boy is okay.

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I “cheated”…. and it was a good thing!

I stretched one of the rules of this diet. I weighed myself today. and I’m glad I did. it was the support and reminder that I needed to finish this and really truly help myself feel benefits of this diet.

I’ve lost 10.6 pounds since I started my whole 30.. I’m 22 days in (right?) and was starting to get frustrated and burnt out. I mean really, I could go for some cheese, a small piece of chocolate and wine. They all compliment each other, so why not! But after not only feeling the effects but seeing some proof, I’ve got the conviction that I needed. I think that I’m going to go with an 85/15 lifestyle after my 30 days are done. we’ll see.

No food pictures. We actually went out to eat twice this weekend and I managed to be good! We went to Joe’s crabshack and I had one of the steampots, just plain steamed, no corn or potatoes, with lemon, side of steamed broccoli. It was delightful! I really like crab with lemon. So good!

The next day T picked up Moe’s. I ordered from home and made sure to include only compliant (as far as I could tell) ingredients. I’m guessing there was something in it that -wasn’t- compliant, because my stomach is off all morning but I did my best. Everything was delicious.

You know what? I’m finding that I really am enjoying food even more. I think I’ll be updating this post later tonight with pictures of my dinner.. I’m going to make veggie and chicken curry. I’ve never had it before, so here’s to new things!

Oh man. I love curry. Its official.

Final product. YUM! I sprinkled with unsweetened coconut for some added deliciousness. This was so good. Im so glad that I tend to make too much because this is fantastic. I was scooping up the sauce even after all the meat and veggies were gone. Good thing no one was around to see!

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What day am I on again?


Honestly, I’m starting to feel like this is a lifestyle change. Do I crave things? yes, but I’m not fighting them yet. I want them because I know they taste good, but I’m fine saying no. My stomach gets all sorts of upset after my dinner yesterday, but it was delicious so I had more today at lunch. The thing I thought I’d miss the most (alcohol) I haven’t really missed at all. I’m glad. It’s refreshing to know that something like that isn’t controlling your life.

Yesterday I made something called a clafouti. I beat 6 eggs with a cup of coconut milk, added some salt and pepper and cinnamon, poured it in a pan and sprinkled with blueberries and baked for about 45-50 minutes at 400. It’s very good, but very eggy. I was looking for something a little less eggy, more blueberryish but this was very good.


For lunch, I had more of the taco meat on lettuce wraps, and I made an avocado cream sauce to go on top of spiralized squash and “blackened” salmon (my pan wasn’t hot enough so it didn’t actually blacken but was still delicious!) recipe here.Now, while I really liked this sauce and noodles, not only did it make me feel ill, I thought the sauce was VERY lemony. I would half the amount of lemon that the recipe calls for. I love avocado and was hoping to taste more of that creamy goodness.

(silly me, I thought that my food processor was broken because I went to shred two sweet potatoes and couldn’t get it to turn on!!! awful. I realized that I just hadn’t set it up properly and it worked fine. I was awfully upset with myself when I figured it out!)


Today’s breakfast was some more clafouti with a side of sweet potato hash (nom!), lunch was the rest of the noodles and avocado sauce with more salmon, and dinner was more taco meat, this time on a salad.


The most wonderful man in the world stopped by and gave me a gorgeous flower for Valentine’s Day. My dad is the best ❤


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I’m just excited to be working. Hopefully I’ll make good money waitressing, and hopefully T will have a good day as well. since we’re both working, we are doing a couples massage on Saturday, followed by an excursion out to dinner. since this will be my first time eating out while on the whole 30, I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something I can have.

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Day 16 and recap

Life took over. We moved into a house this past weekend and late last week/this weekend ended up being packing, moving and unpacking. Luckily, I still managed to eat well throughout this. Most days I had eggs or a banana for breakfast (Not the best) and when I made time for lunch, it was leftovers that I had. Our first night in our house, I had some of the leftover chicken filler from the acorn squash, and that was also lunch the next day. I forgot to take a picture of this, but I made spaghetti squash for the first time and I LOVED it. I roasted it, tossed it with sauteed garlic and shrimp and some broccoli slaw to try and bulk it up. It was AMAZING. Definitely on my list to make again. My mom was impressed too.

One day over the weekend, I tried a kind of “pancake” (I’ve never craved or had an issue with pancakes or waffles so I don’t consider them SWYPO.)… I mashed a banana, added an egg, mixed it all well and plopped it in a pan(with a little oil), then dropped in a small handful of blueberries. It was deliciously sweet and fruity tasting, but fluffy from the egg. sooo good!

Today, I had a banana for breakfast and lunch was the last of the spaghetti squash. Dinner tonight was a mess. I forgot to pull anything out to prepare for cooking tonight, so at around 6 I was like oops! But what I came up with was delicious! I sauteed onion, sweet peppers, garlic and some broccoli slaw. I added some chopped cherry tomatoes and then mixed it all up with some shredded chicken, chili powder, cumin, and a few spoonfuls of salsa. Then I wrapped it all up in lettuce wraps.


For a dinner that only took about 20 minutes to make (minus roasting the chicken), this was delicious. I put avocado on top of the meat mixture which really added a depth of flavor (I forgot to take a picture of that part though). The veggie mixture was so pretty when it was cooking up, and I’m really proud of this last minute, throw together meal.


I’m finding I have cravings recently (cheese!!! ugh), but I’m having a much easier time saying “No, thank you” when temptation arises. I can honestly see myself sticking to this lifestyle. The recipes I’ve been making and had the opportunity to try have just been so good, and so much healthier than I’m used to. I can’t believe how often I would turn to cheese or cream to try and make things “taste better” when all I needed was a little creativity. So here I am, on day 16, and feeling great. My energy level is up, my attitude is positive, and I’m really enjoying eating healthy. Thanks Whole 30!!!

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Were moving this weekend and lots to do so this will be short.
Breakfast: sausage, onion and pepper scramble
Lunch: last of the coconut fish
Dinner: burger on a bed of lettuce topped with salsa and avocado served with a side of Brussels.nom.


Tummy issues this morning but feeling great currently. Woohoo!

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Day… 10?

Am I really 1/3 of the way through Whole 30? that’s 33.333….%. That means only 20 days left and I can have a cheese stick again (I had an awful craving for cheesestick yesterday. and of course we had some in the house for T… Go me for not having one!)

As today was a snow day, I literally stayed in bed as long as possible. T brought me coffee, I curled up with an awesome book (If you like romance novels, go check out the Marked Men series by Jay Crownover. She’s got a great writing style and delicious imagination) I got out of bed for a half hour to have some lunch (bad me for skipping breakfast… ) and then jumped back in until I was done with my book. Did I feel like I wasted the day when I finally moved at 2pm? maybe. Did I feel satisfied and happy? definitely. Would I do it again? You bet.

For lunch, I quickly heated up some of the coconut fish leftover from yesterday. This went atop a salad with veggies, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime. This was so incredibly good. (side note: T had some of that fish and said it was so good, he doesn’t feel bad for me about this diet anymore. GO MAKE SOME!)



Dinner was the other half of the stuffed acorn squash I made on Monday. I dusted more cinnamon across the squash before stuffing and it was delightful.


As a side note, I have been having some digestive troubles yesterday and today. I think this might be because of my fruit intake? Apples generally don’t like me, but I’m not sure. Maybe my fat content is too high? I don’t know. I’m hoping it’ll clear up soon. And last night I had my first dream. I only had a bite of my mom’s pasta and eggplant parmesan, but it was delicious! I woke up feeling guilty though.