Thoughts of a 20-something


Why pity?

I hate when youre with friends, having food and it happens… that awkward moment… the awful look… of pity. It usually starts with someone either asking about my special order or trying to get you to try a bite of their pizza. ‘No thanks’, I say. To more prodding, ‘no really, I can’t’ and then explaining.

You mean you can’t eat pizza?!?!
No… I mean I have to eat special pizza crust.
What about pasta?!
There’s a swap for that.

I feel like with how many people are now cutting gluten out of their diet, it should be a little more accepted. A lot of people think I have cut it out for a fad diet to lose weight or something and that can’t be further from the truth. I get some real health benefits from being GF and as long as that continues tired be the case, I’ll deal with paying more for my foods, making special orders, and the criticism and pity. (And believe me, I can tell when something is NOT GF. Lol ugh)

I recently started waitressing at an upscale restaurant near me. The menu is to die for but unfortunately the chef is one of those who thinks that GF is a scam/fad.  So when I order one of the two things on the menu I can have for dinner every night, he feels like I don’t like him food. It’s so far from the truth that I can’t even explain. The meals there look phenomenal but I am unwilling to be sick for weeks to try them.

So, next time you hear someone is gluten free, say something along the lines of ‘that’s too bad’ and move on. It happens. People have allergies. We deal with it.