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The Best Summer-time Salad

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There was a cute restaurant near my family called Noodles and CO. that my aunt and I would frequent. I always got the Thai peanut noodles with chicken and she always got a dumplings and a salad. She would rotate between a few different salads and one day decided to try a new one, the Spinach Pear salad.

It quickly became her go to salad and it wasn’t very difficult to duplicate (as in ridiculously easy). The flavors go together SO well, so I’m sharing this delicious salad with you. It’s so worth making and is fantastic for hot summer days (like it has been recently)

One taste and you’ll be hooked.

It’s basic and delicious. mmm

Ingredients: Baby Spinach
Pear (ripe)
Bleu Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar reduction*

Before you start setting up the salad, you want to toast your walnuts. It’s a very small thing to do that really adds to the taste. I just put some tin foil on a toaster pan, crumble walnuts onto the foil and toast them in my toaster oven. You can do it in a regular oven as well. Note that this isn’t a necessary thing to do but it makes the walnuts extra crunchy and oh so delicious.

To put the salad together, set up your bed of spinach and top with sliced (or diced) pears. Crumble Bleu cheese on top. Top with crushed and toasted walnuts. Drizzle with a balsamic vinegar reduction.

*to make the balsamic vinegar reduction, slowly heat balsamic vinegar on the stove until it has reduced by half. You need to do this slow, because it can burn very easily. So worth doing though. I have also used Balsamic Condimenti like this one, which is basically already reduced balsamic vinegar (but it’s expensive. I would never have it if my aunt didn’t buy it for me regularly haha.)


That’s it! I was surprised that even T liked this (I made it for him last night to go with our pizzas!) Such a great side and so easy to throw together.

Tonight I need to use up the rest of that bleu cheese. Any suggestions?


Author: heriwen

I'm a 29 year old teacher who loves to cook. Well, really I love to eat and with that comes the cooking. I also enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with my awesome animals, even more awesome husband, and most awesome daughter. :)

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