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Hummus wrap

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While I was living at home with my parents, I got super attached to the fridge. It was always stocked, full of delicious goodies and no one noticed if you stole something.

After my mom’s accident, though, the fridge was not as bountiful as it used to be. So one day I came home from school, starving and decided to make myself something yummy. I opened the fridge and saw… Nothing good. Ugh. After scrounging a bit, I found some Hummus. Opening up the produce drawer, I saw some veggies that needed eating. And thus came my Hummus wrap.

Now, I know its nothing unique or special, really. But its delicious and just what I need on hot days.

Wrap (I used to use wheat wraps but now use corn to stay GF. Just microwave it for 15 seconds so it doesn’t fall apart on you.)
Hummus of your choice
Veggies (i usually use red pepper, snow peas, spinnach, broccoli… Honestly whatever I have at the time!)

Spread Hummus on wrap and top with veggies. Spoon a couple tsps of salsa on top for flavor.

Now I won’t lie, its not the easiest thing to eat. But its so delicious I don’t even mind. One whole wrap is only about 150 calories (and so healthy that it should be 0) YUM!


(this wrap had spinach and snow peas in it. I ran out of peppers)


Author: heriwen

I'm a 29 year old teacher who loves to cook. Well, really I love to eat and with that comes the cooking. I also enjoy reading, being outside and spending time with my awesome animals, even more awesome husband, and most awesome daughter. :)

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